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Celebrity Spotlight: Godzilla

In a career that spans six decades, no Hollywood star comes close to the pop culture craze that is Godzilla.  Starring in three dozen movies, no other actor must endure the ever fickle whims of producers and directors alike, because, … Continue reading

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Pure Energy!!!

Energy ain’t cheap, anymore! What made this nation great (the United States) and was instrumental in helping it win two world wars, is now the instrument of its accelerating decay. Cheap energy was the formula for power and success for … Continue reading

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On the Road Again!!!

It’s the new politics. It’s the “let’s roll up our sleeves and get down to business” look. It’s the casual craving, the distrust of the established Philadelphia conservative dress code that is the staple of winning elections and job interviews … Continue reading

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It’ll Put Hair on Your Chest!

When I was a kid, grown-ups were always telling me to do awful things to get me to do what they wanted.  More often than not, these things involved my body or parts thereof.  As I grew older, I realized … Continue reading

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Big Men of Hollywood

Contrary to popular belief, there aren’t a lot of big men in the entertainment business.  Most look larger than they are due to a little camera magic using different angles, shorter supporting actors and actresses, and physical accoutrements such as … Continue reading

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Time on your hands!

What is time?  Apparently, this is a difficult question.  Behold these textbook definitions: 1 – system of distinguishing events: a dimension that enables two identical events occurring at the same point in space to be distinguished, measured by the interval … Continue reading

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Of Mice and Men . . .

Ever notice how other people’s kids are out of control?  The same is true for their pets, too!  If you ever tried to enjoy your meal at a restaurant under the serenade of some screaming brat at the next table, … Continue reading

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