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The Fickle Mistress!

Religion is a fickle mistress.  Many religions dictate the lives of their constituents, indeed, many are consumed by their religions.  Religion is based on faith allowing their practitioners to indulge in little facts and to worship a myriad of invisible … Continue reading

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Bright as a Blade!

Isaiah 2:4 proclaims that God will judge nations, rebuke many people and the people will “beat swords into plow shares.”  Apparently, either God, the people, or both, didn’t shave much.  The power and comfort of a good blade against the … Continue reading

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A Spark of Genius!

The early days of electricity always conjures images of a  wind-swept, rain-soaked Benjamin Franklin with kite and key, or a smug-faced Edison standing behind his famous incandescent bulb.  Other names pop up from time to time during “electrifying” conversations like … Continue reading

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