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The Undiscovered Country

Klingon Chancellor Gorkon lifts his glass of Romulan ale in the air, looks across the table at carefully placed Star Fleet and Romulan dignitaries and toasts, “To the undiscovered country!”  After a short pause and bewildered looks, he exclaims, “To … Continue reading

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Lucifer versus Satan

Good news, Christians!  Lucifer is not Satan and Satan’s not Lucifer!  Yes, I know that’s not what Father Farkel told you, but hang on, it’s not Father Farkel’s fault.  Forget what Father Farkel said for now, because fortunately we can … Continue reading

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“Dad’s here!”

A very good friend of mine died suddenly a few days ago, causing me to reflect about the pain inflicted on the living when someone we love leaves us too soon.  A wife, a son, a daughter suffer the worst … Continue reading

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Left Lamers and Other Driving Fun

Some of us are old enough to remember when driving was fun.  Driving meant the open road, less traffic, and no electronically distracted drivers.  Men were men, ships were wooden and gasoline was loaded with lead.  Sometimes, when I’m sitting … Continue reading

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