About the Author

Welcome to Samantha Stephens.com, a site that encourages you to read, think, and learn!  Author Bruce Trout writes articles for this site with the intent to entertain you.  Satirizing political figures and penning “tongue in cheek” articles about religion, language, and day-to-day life, Mr. Trout hopes to bring just another peek of sunshine into your already bright day.

Mr. Trout wore many different hats during his tenure on Earth, but he is a carpenter at heart.  His career history consists of home builder/general contractor, high school teacher, vertebrate comparative anatomy teaching assistant, college professor, construction code official, code enforcement officer, and zoning officer, to name a few.

He builds and renovates his own houses and does his own repair work on automobiles, trucks, outboards, power tools, and household appliances.  He spends a lot of time creating culinary delights in the kitchen, since his wife hates to cook and he likes to eat.

He enjoys sharing his view points about life and the human condition in a not-so-serious way, but remember to read between the lines . . . sometimes . . . just sometimes, there’s more to an article than a few smiles.  Enjoy!!

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