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Great Balls of Fire!

Fire is a fearsome thing.  The animal kingdom is confused and fearful of the all consuming entity; horses panic and run toward it, insects are suicidally drawn to it, and most creatures run or fly from deadly flames stricken by … Continue reading

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The Pompatos of Love!

Poetry and literature can be explicated.  Writings by Shakespeare, Keats, Yeats and Coleridge are a mystery at first reading, but many scholars and academicians read, dissect, explain and regurgitate the meaning and reasoning of all written things throughout history.  Unlike … Continue reading

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America the Industrious!

The images pervade American history books.  Images that reflect an industrious, hardworking America–  a 18th Century colonist wielding an axe, a 20th Century steel worker pouring a white-hot ingot, a 19th Century railroad worker pinning down a steel track with … Continue reading

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