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The Wonder of It All!

It’s a bright, wintery morning as I watch the birds feed on the back porch.  Chickadees, titmice and juncos bounce around the porch and table working hard for a breakfast consisting solely of oiled sunflower seeds, save for an occasional … Continue reading

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Through Tired Eyes!

Few wrinkles adorned the face of John who sat with coal black hair scribbling at each meeting.  He was the recording secretary of the group and year after year, he wrote down everything anyone said at every meeting, no matter … Continue reading

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Who Do You Trust?

In 1972, an Oliver Quayle survey declared Walter Cronkite “the most trusted man in America.”  Recently, American University Professor Joseph Campbell, author of the book Getting It Wrong!, states  that Cronkite was not the most trusted man in America at … Continue reading

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Onward Christian soldiers!

If you’re religious, you probably like a good fight.  Religion and a good fight go together, like bacon and eggs, peanut butter and jelly, or brewing your own beer and reloading your own shotgun shells.  Some things are just good … Continue reading

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