Bohemian Rapsody!

John Debella was taking requests on his morning radio show at Philadelphia’s Classic Rock WMGK a few years ago when he received this call:

“WMGK, what can I play for you, my man!” John said.

With slightly slurred speech a man said, ” I want to hear Bahamian Rassidy!”

“O.K., my man! We’ll get that on for you in a minute!  But first, it’s Bohemian Rapsody by Queen.  O.K., say it!  Bohemian Rapsody!”

“Bahamian Rassidy!”

“No, no, no!  Bohemian Rapsody, my man!  O.K. , let’s try this! Say BO!”


“Say, HE!”


“Say, MIAN!”


“Good!  Say BO-HE-MIAN!”


“Now say RAP!”


“Say SO!”


“Say DEE!”




“Great my man!  That’s just great!  Now say BOHEMIAN RAPSODY!”


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